Irrational Therapy

With Kryspy & Ozzy G
#1 Podcast In Fort Myers, FL & Thomasville, NC

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About The Creators:

Kryspy, Founder & Co-Host, paved his way through the scene Mixing, Mastering & Producing for Local Artist. With many people asking questions such as; Who's Dropping Next? What Artist are Next to Blow? How did you find that Leak? He didn't think twice to utilize a platform to promote New Music. Kryspy has witnessed distruction since birth so he has no other option but to appreciate Problems. "You're gonna run from your problems or expect them? " - Kryspy

Ozzy G., Co-Host, doesn’t fall short of a true Hustler. From whipping up work in the kitchen to whipping up work in the booth. Once he's finished recording the podcast, he's onto a session on Twitch. His talent deploys an Uncut, Hysterical and Honest POV that MOST aren't ready for.

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